Better Content, better quality for our media...

This is what we aim for this project, which is is a fork of SteemIt platform. (Steam is open source since the beginning and SteamIt opened on read more here, see license). and provide a "publication" ecosystem that is fair and reward merit rather than wealth such that everyone can have her own voice

No Whales anymore, [No Ads][nads] which bring down the quality of content...

Statement of Work

  1. SoW document

Here is how we go about it

  1. get Steem BlockChain source

  2. get SteemIt UI source

other similar project

  1. U-Nion Media
  2. Helping Hands TV [HHTV]
  3. IPBS
  4. Pot TV
Michel G. Combes

about: v0.51 (build: tosag) /ipfs/QmYGghyYb8wxxZa1vqL5d7ircJnm8UiAafebUPUWDUWYR3